Channel 9 Interview: Lana Murphy interviews Justin Lawrence in relation to unknown ownership of land next to Melbourne Airport

Justin Lawrence appears on a channel Nine News report about the legal repercussions of hired car spaces

Justin Lawrence featured on a Nine News investigation in to off the plan property purchases

Justin Lawrence regularly appears on Melbourne’s top rating breakfast radio program – 3AW’s Breakfast with Ross Stevenson and John Burns.

Here, Justin speaks to Ross and John about an uncommon contractual term – force majeure

Junk left on property pending settlement

Ross and John seek advice from Justin Lawrence about the rights enjoyed by a purchaser of real estate when the vendor leaves junk behind.

Ross and John listener lays claim to mysterious piece of land

Justin Lawrence discusses claim to mysterious piece of land next to Melbourne Airport

Rumour confirmed: Realestate industry faces a flood of legal action

John & Ross from 3AW  interview Justin Lawrence in relation to Real Estate Agents Sales Contracts

First home buyers grant

Justin Lawrence discusses first home buyers grants with Ross and John

Owners responsibility to neighbors when developing

Justin Lawrence discusses owners/developers responsibilities to neighbors with Ross and John

How far beneath your property do you own

Ross and John consult Justin Lawrence about the depth of ownership.

Fire risk cladding on buildings

Justin Lawrence in conversation with Ross and John about combustible cladding on residential buildings.

Green Property

Justin Lawrence speaks on air to Ross and John about a new “super green” property development.


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