Our philosophy,

A Quality legal service,

On time, up-to-date and readily available.
There are some things that never go out of fashion – service to the client, cost effectiveness and achieving the right result. We’re old fashioned that way, but we make use of the latest technology, resources and communications systems to improve our service, reduce the cost and ensure that you get the right result.
We measure our success by the length of our individual client relationships. Our clients return to us because we meet their expectations in terms of service and result. In some instances we are dealing with fourth generation clients about everything from wills to complicated business structuring or commercial litigation.
The law is becoming more complex and we ensure that we are-up-to-date. It is our job to know of the latest developments as soon as or before they occur. We use all available technological resources to remain ahead of the pack so as to provide the most accurate timely and up-to-date advice possible. We also understand the importance of being available when you need us. All the staff at Henderson & Ball are conscious of the need to keep our clients constantly updated on each matter, take telephone calls and emails when they arrive and communicate in the quickest possible way.
Our size means that we are large enough to handle the most detailed and complex of legal problems yet small enough to ensure that our clients always receive prompt and personal service.
Our specialisation means that we can meet our clients highest expectations irrespective of the problem.
Our history means that we do not tolerate anything less than 100% commitment to our clients' needs.